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    regarding Advisor's features and screen shots of the program.

    The Scheduler: The appointment scheduler tracks staff and student
    appointments, organizes the information in such a way that statistical
    summaries can be generated. Scheduling data can be displayed in several

    Status Summary:   (NEW FEATURE) These on-screen  Summary lists display
    current student activity levels.  Lists and counts of active students, students
    broken down by disability, or student lists/counts by college major are examples.
    The are continually updated by entries made into the system and provide instant
    on-screen reports.   

    Student Data: The student database contains application information,
    demographics, disabilities, limitations and documentation history. Various
    forms and reports can be produced.

    Contact Data: A database of contacts to include staff, service providers,
    community counselors and clinicians as well as emergency and family contacts
    is maintained Personal, educational and employment data can be collected,
    Hourly services by type and payment information can be entered for a complete
    payroll system.

    Classes and Accommodations: Search and match functions can be used to match
    students, to classes and available service providers.  A special screen has been
    designed specifically for interpreter matching.  (ENHANCED FEATURE) The college
    catalog/course information can be linked to the student database through a Banner

    Equipment and Alternative Text  (ENHANCED FEATURE) Books: The inventory
    system can be used to track adaptive equipment, assistive technology and alternative
    texts (CD, tape, enlarged print etc). A complete checkout system is included.

    Reports: A series of pre-defined reports can be generated as needed. Data can
    be queried using a variety of options such as date ranges, staff, demographic,
    disability, major, accommodations. Banner data can also be queried and
    ad hoc reports can be created using Access reporting functions.
Access Design Works
MS-Access Experts for a more Efficient Business
AccessAbility Advisor is a comprehensive software program for ADA/504 PROGRAMS.  It was developed at Salt Lake
Community College which tracks services provided to students under ADA/504. It's a database  which includes scheduling,
case management, accommodation matching, equipment tracking, payroll and reporting functions. An interface with Banner,
which allows use of course schedules, student data and performance history through ODBC links with Banner Views.