The Background screen should be completed from information collected during intake and from
applications forms. How much of this data is collected is optional.

Prior Educational Services:  If your disability offices collects any information on IEP/504 services
provided during high school, a check mark will indicate that a hard copy has been provided.
Information about prior service provided or services at other post secondary schools can be

Advisors / Contact Box:  These fields are used to enter the name, phone number, email address
of emergency contacts, community members and counselors who have contact with the student.
In most cases these are individuals such as therapists and counselors from third party funding
agencies. The student should provide a signed Release of Information form allowing contact with
such individuals.  A check mark in the Information Release Signed field indicates that the student
has signed the information release form and has approved contact between the disability office
and the individuals and/or agencies listed on the release form

Background Data narrative field:  Additional background comments can be entered including
explanations of any of the fields on the screen. This is an unlimited narrative field.  Data can also
be pasted here from other sources.

Three open -user definable- fields are available:  Other Information 1 and 2 (both narrrative
fields) and Other Date (a date field) have been provided for department use.  The names for
these fields must be enterd in the Dept set up screen.  

Field Descriptions  for more information about these fields and all other types of fields.