Student Accommodations

The Student Accommodation tab allows you enter all accommodations for each
semester and print/email the letters.  There is also a feature to copy accommodations
from the previous semester to make data entry easier.  All this data is then available for

The first four tabs in the Student Data screen are primarily used to record intake  and disability
information. The next four tabs are used to record provision of accommodations, equipment,
alternative text books and to generate student reports.

The Class Accommodations table is used to enter accommodations specific to each class a
student is enrolled in.  A specific letter addressed to each individual instructor for every student in
their class who has been authorised accommodations can be printed. The process assumes that
accommodations may be different for different classes and different accommodations letters will
be required. The class accommodations table links information about each class, the student’s
enrolled in the class and the authorized accommodations so that accommodation letters can be
individualized for instructors.  

In order for this process to work,
Class or Semester Information must be entered into the system.  
A complete class schedule can be imported or downloaded or they can be manually entered as
needed.    Abbreviated information about these classes will appear in the Course Record Number
(CRN) field by clicking the down arrow. Specific classes a student is taking can be selected from
the alpha drop down list.  

Multiple semester schedules may tracked by the system so a filter, located at the end of the
Semester input field, can be used to filter classes by specific semesters.  Classes are listed in in-
verse chronological order, with the most recent semester at the top.

Once a class has been selected, an authorization date must be entered. If the class is later
dropped, a drop date can be entered.  The authorized accommodation is also selected,  Notes
about the class may be added as well.

If more than one type of accommodation is being provided for a class, the class must be
selected/listed multiple times.  For example: If six accommodations are authorized for
Accounting 1010, then six listings must be entered.

Accommodation or Support Notice:  When accommodation letters are generated, the system
scans the class schedule, selects the instructor, and links this information to the student and the
accommodations received. The advisor’s name, the student’s activity status, and the primary
limitations are also printed on the accommodation letter.  

current semester and current year fields must be used to print the letter for the
corresponding semester.  If there are no accommodations authorized for the selected semester,
the letter will appear with error messages.
ALSO, in order to generate a letter, the student must
be active, and limitations must be identified on the disability screen.

A two-tiered Accommodation system is available.  An ADA Accommodation Authorization Letter
may be issued for each class or a Support Service Request may be generated for those students
who do not qualify for accommodations under ADA guidelines but for whom selected services
may be appropriate. Whether an ADA or the Support Service Request letter is printed, is
determined by the disability designation on the Disability screen. Limitations, as outlined on the
disability screen, are incorporated into the letter and a list of accommodations or services for
each class will be printed. All letters are date driven. The appropriate semester and year must be
selected for each letter.  Changes to current accommodations will require that the letter be re-
issued to reflect any changes. Prior semester/year letters may be re-printed as desired by pre-
selecting the appropriate semester and year. Please note that copies of the accommodation
letters are not saved by the system only the appropriate data- it is compiled at the time of

An individual letter directed to the instructor is printed for each class. It includes class information,
accommodations and a brief description of the student’s limitation. Signature blocks for the
advisor, the student, and the instructor, as well as a comments section are included.  

Printing:  The program will print all letters together – one for each class for which
accommodations have been authorized.  The counter in the lower left corner indicates how many
will be printed.  Scrolling to the next letter using the Next arrow will display the subsequent letter,
etc.  If one only letter needs to be printed, scroll to it (display it in the preview window) and select
print current page only.  

The Email Accommodation Letter button is used to send email to instructors regarding their
students and the accommodations being authorized.  Activating this button will show the
accommodation letter on the screen and activate the email program resident on your computer.

After previewing the letter, the user should select File/Send to/Email recipient and complete the
email form. The accommodation letter will be sent as an attachment to the email. Additional
information and instructions can be added to the text of the email. This could include a request to
respond or acknowledge receipt by return email.  Note: In the direct email version, formatting has
been removed so that it can be exported to WORD and emailed as an attachment.

Note:  The system also allows for the generation of generic Accommodation Letters- which
assumes that accommodations are same for all classes and the same letter can be used for all
instructors for all classes.  See the Classes/Accommodations screen for information about
generic accommodations vs. course-specific accommodations.

Equipment Checkout:  This form is used to assign equipment to students and to record its
return. The process of assigning accommodations and checking out equipment and books is a
two-part process.  For example, if a student needs a tape recorder:  First that specific
accommodation is assigned in the Class Accommodations section. Next,the tape recorder or
other equipment can also be assigned and checked out.