Migrate your Excel Spreadsheet!  Excel is a wonderful tool, but some projects need more.
If you are having issues managing your Excel Spreadsheet or it is taking up too much of your time a database may be the
answer.  Join our using MS-Access to Meet Business Needs workshop to learn more about Spreadsheet Migration.

       If you would like your spreadsheet to handle any of these functions, an Access
  database is what you are looking for.  We can migrate your spreadsheet and keep
  your data intact.

  • More than one person can use the information at the same time.

  • Control usage so that a user can enter data and print reports without making
    changes to the design.

  • If you like using Vlookups in Excel, you'll love Access.  Using data from more than
    one spreadsheet (i.e., table) is what databases do best.

  • Keep all your data history in the same place and run multiple reports on the
    same data with different time frames.  No more re-creating the same
    spreadsheet for each monthly meeting.

  • View your data like a spreadsheet or show one line on a custom screen with one

  • Manage thousands of rows of data.
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