Three calendar views are available: by date, by student and by staff.

New appointments can be made or existing ones modified by double clicking the desired time
block and completing the information in the pop-up
 Appointment Form  .

Instructions for completing this form are shown when clicking the [?] help button on the
form itself.  Please read these instructions before making entries.  
When making
appointments, specific information about the appointment (which is recognized by the program)
such date, time, staff member, or student name will be automatically filled in

The Daily Calendar tab displays appointments for staff members whose names appear on the
calendar.  When logging on, this calendar will always default to the current date.  
Appointments for
any desired date can be displayed by navigating around the monthly reference calendar in the
upper left corner.  

The left column of the Daily Calendar lists staff names whose appointments are shown across the
row for each 1/2 hour of the day. The student scheduled and the subject matter of the appointment
will be shown in each time block. Time blocks containing a scheduled appointment will be blue. A
blank time slot or white block denotes that no appointment is scheduled for that time.  

The names of staff members whose appointment calendars are displayed is user definable and can
be different for each user.  Instructions for selecting staff calendars to be viewed are found in the
Staff/Contact area under the Availability Tab.

Double bookings can be made.  And occurs most often when appointments are made in other
sections of the program- such as direct entries into the case log.  Double bookings are identified by
yellow highlighted  staff names in the right hand column. Double clicking a name will bring
the entire days calendar for that individual and the double booking can be easily identified.  This
daily schedule can be printed out.  Staff members who desire a "hard copy" daily schedule can
print this list out each day (whether there are double bookings or nor).