Staff - Service Provider Log:  Service Providers are those staff members who provide
accommodations and support services to students.  The record of their service is maintained in this
log.  Log entries are created whenever an individual is assigned to accommodate, serve, or train a
student.  The assignments shown here are actually made in other parts of the program such as the
Interpreter Matching, Note taker, Scribe and Reader assignment sections.

To view the “services” provided by any staff member, use the Find button to bring up the desired
staff name.  Each class is listed right after the provider’s name, as well the days of class, the time
and the type of service being provided.

In front of the provider name is a [+] sign.  Clicking this sign will bring up the students being served in
that class, by that provider.  There may be more than one student listed for any or all of the classes
listed.  When a plus sign is clicked, it will be replaced by a [-] sign.  Clicking on this sign will hide the
student list.  This is in essence an on and off toggle.

Note: The log entry contains reference to Carl Perkins, which is a federal technical training fund
under which student can be served.  The check mark indicating Perkins eligibility appears as a
reference from an entry made in the student data base.