Classes into which equipment (assistive technology) needs to be placed:  This is a list of
all classes for which equipment has been authorized.  Although the equipment is place on behalf of
a student, it is not assigned to the student but place into the classroom (it may be more than one
classroom).  Current semester classes are shown in the Class Accommodations section (pulled in
from Banner) and relevant data shown here.  There is a filter on the screen which can be used to
find lists from other semesters.  Each of the tabs provides a different list of classes- corresponding
to the type of service or item needed in that class.  The same classes may appear on all lists which
would indicate that each service or item is needed in that specific class.

Clicking the [+] key will bring up a list of students in that class and section, the type of equipment
that will be needed (ie CCTV) and date placed. This information comes from the actions taken in
the Class Accommodations section.  The button labelled "Schedule Accommodations: is  where
 Assign Providers or place equipment.