Equipment Checkout Form:  This form is used to check out equipment, software, furniture and other
inventory items to students.  It can also be used to check these items out to staff members. A different
process is used to place items into classrooms for students to use (but not take home etc).

Users must select the action they wish to perform before completing the check out form.  This will be
either Assign/checkout or Return.  Items must first be checkout out before they can be returned.

Select Student or Staff and then pick a name from the drop down list.  Select the category of the item to
be checked out, from the drop down list (this list is set up in the maintain lists section).  Select the
specific item  from the list (this list will be based on the category just selected).  

Complete the
check out date, the coordinator (staff member who does the checkout) and then the
expected date of return (if this is entered, a list of equipment and their expected return dates can be
generated).   Additional
notes can be entered into the narrative box.  

Select either
Cancel Transaction (and start over) or Print Checkout form (which also records the
information in the data base.  The form, once printed has places for staff and student signatures and
will include all information about the equipment.

The information from the form will be posted into the Student Equipment Tab. A history of all equipment
checked out (and returned) by the student will be kept.  This information is also posted into the
Equipment Section where an equipment checkout history will be maintained.   

Please note that the letterhead (shown on the example) will be replaced by your own letterhead- as set
up in the departmental information screen (maintain lists).

Equipment Return:   When RETURN is selected on the form either a student or staff member must be
selected.  Once selected, a list of items checked out to that individual will be displayed in the item list.  
Select the item to be returned and
complete the returned date and the condition it is in.  The printed
form can then be printed out again (and will include the return information).  it should be signed by staff
and student and kept as a permanent record in the file.  When returned, the equipment will be taken off
the equipment-to-be-returned report.  The
record hold checkbox can be marked if the equipment is not
returned in satisfactory condition.

Note: The information from the form is recorded in the database (cross referenced by student and
equipment).  The form itself does not (really) need to be kept- that is a departmental decision. As an
alternative to keeping the paper form,
the form can be scanned back into the database and then
destroyed.  A permanent, signed record is thereby on file which can be printed at any time in the future.