Appointment/Log Entry

The Appointment form lets you enter detailed information every time you have any kind
of contact with a student.  Then you can refer back to this information and run reports
on the data at the click of a button.

The Appointment/Event Detail Form is used to enter information about students. The entries will
create a
case log, which, over time, will provide a detailed record of the services provided by the
disability office.  All entries are posted into a calendar of events and into both a student and a staff
case log.  When a specific time block is selected (on the calendar) the appointment form will
already include the
name of the user, the date the time.  It will default to a 60 minute appointment.  
All of this information can be overwritten (changed). Three informational items are displayed
(these are identified by the system when the form is brought up:  advisor, current status and name
of current user [case notes by...].

The first required action is to select a student (the subject of the entry). In order to make an
appointment, the student must be in the database.
 A list of students is available by clicking the
down arrow in the Student field.
Fields, which contain “look-up tables”, are identified by down
arrows in the field. Clicking the arrow will produce a list from which a selection can be made.  An
alpha search feature will also be activated when the user begins typing. If the item is in the
database it can be highlighted and pulled into the field.  Items can’t be typed in if they are not on
the list, they must first be entered through the maintain lists section of the program.

    If the student is not in the database, they must be added by clicking on the New Student
    button and complete the information. Underlined items are required items.

    This will create a new student record and allow the user to make appointments with new
    students. Once the new student information has been entered, the name of the (new)
    student can be pulled into the Appointment Form by clicking within the (blank) student field.
    The name of the student will appear.  All information needed to make an appointment can
    then be entered.  Note:  Additional information about the student will need to be entered into
    the Student Data Base from application information gathered at intake.

    Note:  If Banner is used as the college registration system, then the “Import Student from
    Banner” button can be clicked. It will bring up a list of Banner students and data about a
    selected student. The data will be downloaded into the Student data section of the system.  
    This action requires that an interface be set up between Banner and AccessAbility Advisor.  
    Your IT department will need to implement such an interface. Instructions and assistance for
    completing the banner interface are available.

Contact via is a field used to identify the type of appointment:  Phone call, in person appointment,
fax received etc.  Select an entry from the drop down list.

Contact types are subject specific reasons for each appointment with a students. They also
include activation and termination dates (student status indicators).

The Appointment/Event form also includes
two narrative fields.  The subject field is a notepad
limited to 256 characters for short, NON confidential information.  The Case note field is an
unlimited narrative field into which more sensitive case information can be entered. The “contact
via” field can be used to designate how the contact was made (in person, phone, walk in etc).  

When the
show on calendar box is checked the appointment information is shown on the
calendar screens.  When the box is UN-checked, the entry does not appear on the calendar, but
will be entered into the case logs. Items such as status changes would be entered as a non
calendar event- since it does not involve an actual appointment.  Phone calls and faxes could also
be entered as non-calendar events.  

The calendar can also be used to display two types of staff
events that are not student-
 Such events are either college-related, such as meetings, or personal events, such as
lunch and times away from the office.

To schedule a college event use the entry called “reserved” and then select “college” as the
contact type (rather than a regular contact type. The reason for the appointment should be
entered into the subject field.  The narrative (text)  entered into the subject field will be shown on
the calendar.

To schedule a personal event use the entry called “reserved” and then select “personal” as the
contact type and enter the reason into the subject field.  The text in subject will be shown on the
calendar.  Additional information can be entered into the case notes field.

When the appointment form has been completed it can be
saved by clicking the Save/Close
button.  Use the Escape button to cancel the entry.  The RED
X button  will erase the entry. The
undue arrow will undue entry information.  All entries will appear on the Student Calendar, Staff
Calendar, Daily Calendar and in the case logs. The send email option can be used to notify the
student of an upcoming appointment.  The system will bring up your regular email program (such
as Outlook) to do this.  All the email options available through Outlook can be used.

Alerts:  This field can be used to tag entries which advisors wish to be alerted to. They will appear
on a daily alert list on the
Alert Summary   Examples of alerts might be a critical meeting, a
reminder to return equipment, a complaint meeting.  

Appointments can be updated at any time by double clicking the time block on any calendar.  
When the date or time is changed for an appointment, the original is overwritten.  

Procedural Note:  Schedule appointments usually involve a 2-step process. First, the
appointment is made (date, time, contact type) and when the student's appointment has actually
been concluded a second entry is made into the case notes field.  Appointments can be made by
any user for any s
tudent or staff member.   

A separate
 Recurring Appointments form can be used to make standing appointments over time
or appointments lasting longer than one hour.

The Scheduler has been set up in 1/2-hour time blocks.  The time block is predefined as 60 min.  
This will create two entries of 30 minutes duration.  To create a 30 min appointment, click the down
arrow in the time windows [it displays “60”] and select 30.  The program
does allow double booking
for any time block.  

To double book, simply double click on any open time block on the calendar and change the
appointment time and date and then enter the rest of the information.  Please note:  You cannot
double book from the same time block on the calendar- –since it will overwrite the information
already there.   You can also enter an appointment from any of the case logs screens.  The
system will alert you to a double booking by
highlighting the staff name in yellow on the daily
 Clicking on the staff members name will bring up a list of appointments for the day.  It
will be readily apparent from the start times where the double bookings occur.  The list of
appointments brought up in this way can be printed out.