Field Descriptions

Program generated find list (example): FIND by name or number.  The list is
updated every time a new name is added to the database.

      A tabular view of this list can be seen by clicking the
View list button

User definable drop down list (example):  Ethnicity.  Entries are not allowed, choice
must be made from drop down list which must be pre-defined by user.

Narrative input field (example): Last name  A 256 character length alpha/numeric

Narrative input box (example):  Comments   An unlimited length word pad. Text may
be imported from (or to) other Word processing documents
Date field (example):  Birth date, application date

Calculated field (example): Age Calculation is based on birth date entry.
Check box (example):  Resident of state, Information Release signed

Required field (example):  Last name, phone number.  These are underlined fields.  
An entry must be made before the user can save the screen.  It represents the
minimum data which must be collected for a file or form